Today, as we speak (or you read, whatever), I am fully enjoying some quality family time!  I'm currently in the Bayou, catchin' some gators, eattin' some cajun crawfish, and havin' a good 'ol time!  Ok, maybe I'm not doing all (or any) of those things, but I can guarantee I'm having a fantastic time with my mom, stepdad, sister, brother in law, Wade, my in-laws, Wade's grandma, and a whole slew of extended relatives!  Isn't family time just the best??

Speaking of family, check out what Meaghan has to say on the subject.  She's super awesome and donated to our mission trip to India as one of my Featured Ad sponsors!  Love ya Meaghan!!


I'm so excited to be posting for Kerrie today!  I found her blog a while back, not exactly sure when or how, but she is definitely an inspiration to me as I'm sure she is to many of you as well!  Thanks for letting me overtake your blog today Kerrie!!

There's a man I know.  He's a friend to all he meets, a stranger he's never met.  He worked hard at a job he loved for many years and retired about ten years ago and now spends winters down in Arizona with the woman he's loved for the last four and a half decades.  In the summers, you will find him at his longtime home just north of the Twin Cities metro area in Minnesota.  He'll be watching his grandsons playing lacrosse and hockey, spending time at the lake or spending time with his family.  His love of his family, the Lord and life itself are things he's not afraid to show and share.  This man is my grandfather.  He is my stepmom's dad and one of my heroes.  He stares down the face of adversity and never takes a day for granted.

I love many things about my grandpa, but the two things that I love the absolute most are his love for God and his willingness to do just about anything for the ones he loves.

It hit me a few weeks ago, that the other day, hopefully not until I'm married and have kids of my own, this man won't be around anymore.  I realized then, I have been taking him for granted.  Although it was just less than a month ago, I now take every chance I can to spend with him and my grandma and cherish these times with him.  I thank God every chance I can for blessing me with these "bonus" grandparents.

My challenge for every one today is this, think of someone you are close with, and let them know how much they are loved and how much you cherish them, you think they know, but it never hurts to let them know once more!

Thanks again to Kerrie for letting me guest post!

You are so welcome! Thank YOU for donating to our mission trip! You're so sweet!
Make sure you readers go over to her blog, "They Call Her Meaghan" and say hello!!

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