A week ago, I'd never ever ever invite you onto my my back porch.
Unless, that is, you had a special interest in standing around really old, gross coolers.


But, lucky for you, I was really bored while Wade was having his "boys weekend" last Saturday, which led to some serious motivation to finally do something with that back porch!  I know we will only be using it for another year (and we've been here three already!) but it was just time, ya know?


Ahh... that's better.
Much more inviting.

If you were sittin' with me on my back porch, drinking the most amazing peach drink I'm currently obsessed with, staring at my lantern lights that (after three years) finally have a home outside of my closet, I'd tell you how blown away I was yesterday.  I figured my news would get a big reaction, but nearly 700 pageviews was a bit more than I was expecting. I didn't even know I knew that many people!  It's nice to know people care :)

I would for SURE have to show you my potted plants.  I'd have to admit, tho, that I can't take full credit.   The sweet teenage girl who knows everything there is to know about plants that works at the nursery helped me out a lot.  She did let me actually put the plants into the soil though.  That made me feel pretty big time.  

I'd also tell you how she was quizing me on my plant knowledge and I was failing.  When she asked me how often I plan to water these beauties, I answered with, "how ever much you tell me to!"  Gettin' smarter by the minute ;) 

Then we'd sit on my amazing-steal-of-a-deal patio furniture while I told you that I maaaybe drove to 7 different stores, snapping photos and price comparing before returning to many of them to make the purchases that pieced this little bit of backyard heaven together.  But hey, I saved some serious dough!

And lastly, I would would just be dying to show you the letter I got this morning.  As we sat outside, swatting the bugs but enjoying the sun, I would pull out this card from a complete stranger.  The the envelope simply read, 
"<3 For India"

I would absolutely read it to you because it's quite possibly one of the sweetest and most humbling things I've ever received.

How strange and yet natural it feels to be sending a note to a complete stranger, and yet a person I feel so connected to. Such is the body of Christ and how fun it is to connect through the blog world! Thank you for writing your story and being willing to live for God in such a wonderful way! You are such an inspiration to those who are just a step behind you in life! Keep writing and keep loving.

'How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messengers who bring good news, the good news of peace and salvation, the news that the God of Isreal reigns!' - Isaiah 52:7"
-- Hallie

I would tell you that this note was really humbling. That I'm constantly surprised by the people who support us and haven't actually met us face-to-face.   I would say that she is so right, "such is the body of Christ," it's a beautiful thing.  

Sit and stay awhile, would ya?