One thing I miss about living in Florida is close proximity to the beach.  Most of the year I don't mind, but every May, without fail, I feel this incredible need to be near water.

Don't get me wrong, we've got a huge lake here in NE Alabama.. but there's nothing like the sun, sand, and seawater to help a girl relax.

That's why I'm so glad that I've found this treasure...

That, ladies and gents, is "Redneck Beach."
No, I didn't give it it's name.  
But it earned it. 
For reals.

What makes it a Beach:
The warm sand/dirt sprinkled with seashells they've laid out at the edge of the lake.
The hot hot sun and the cool ocean lake breeze.
My beach chair, a good book, and the need for sunscreen.

What makes it a Redneck Beach:
The "good 'ol boys" (a.k.a. 40 yr old guys that might as well be wearing overalls) hollerin' (yes, hollerin') at me from across the way like they know me.
The mom yelling things I won't repeat at her husband and then yelling at her kids to stop cussin'.
And the #1 reason: The giant catfish that was swimming circles around me when I was trying to cool off in the water.  That got me out quick!  

But seriously, I loved it!
I felt like I had found my little piece of Florida and I'm going to go back again, and again, and again despite how much my husband makes fun of me.

Call me "Redneck" baby! 
I'm home!