In a far away land, two strangers met and fell in love.
And then they fell in love, together, with a whole lot of people that, over time, became their family.

Here are some highlights from Week 1 in Reynosa, MX.

::Tali and Marlen::
If I ever have daughters, I hope they are just like them.
Sisters through and through.

::A New House for Blanca:: 
A relative of "our family" received a house by our group this week. It was such a blessing to watch it go up and spend time with mi familia so much.

 ::enjoying Raspas with the kiddos::

 that's my girl, Julyssa, on the left.  If you purchase an ad this month or shop at my store, you'll be helping her have her quincenera -- a huge milestone for a girl in Mexico.

Thank you God for this beautiful house and for this beautiful family!

::Time with Friends::
Wade's closest friend down there is Francis.  These two are so close. I love to see their relationship grow and hear their conversations about God, ministry, and family.

And if this GoodBye photo doesn't melt your heart, I don't know what will!
(I should mention that this hug was preceeded with Wade and Marlen running, arms wide, toward eachother for this final embrace)

Lucky for me, I was able to stay after my husband and the rest of the team left.  I spent the next week and a half living in Mexico and experiencing just a taste of what my life will be like in a year when we move. *happy sigh*

Be sure to come back tomorrow to see more!