I'm off to Mexico today! (for three weeks -- don't worry, I'll be checking in!)
But before I go, I wanted to tell you guys about a few things!

I've recently made the switch to Passion Fruit Ads and am offering the following sizes!

Click HERE for more info!

I'm so excited to tell you guys about another fundraiser!
A difficulty in being a missionary is funding -- not only for the travel fees -- but for the needs of the people as well!

Julyssa is a girl I met when she was just 8 years old. 
(she's on the left)

She is now about to turn 15! Where does the time go?? In Mexico, the 15th birthday is a BIG deal.  They have a huge party, comparable to a wedding, called a Quincenera.

Julyssa is a smart girl, (you can read more about her here) with big dreams (read/watch about that here) and told her parents that she would rather have a computer for school and work (yes work, as a beautician, at 15) rather than a Quincenera because she knew her parents couldn't afford both.

Her parents and we wanted her to have one because it is such an important time in a young girls life and we will be traveling to Mexico to celebrate the day with her in October.

In effort to raise funds to buy the necessities for these parties (the dress, cake, decorations, etc), I'm going to be selling rings like this one.  (As well as giving her my advertisement donations over the next few months.)

There is a wonderful man in Mexico who makes these. He can make any word you'd like,

Your Name
Your Spouses Name

Not only will your purchase help Julyssa have her Quincenera, it will also benefit mi amigo in Mexico who makes them by giving him some extra business.

I think the best way to do this would be with Pre-Orders. If you would like a ring, please email me at
with the word you'd like and your estimated ring size
by THURSDAY, JULY 12th!!

I will be buying some extras for Post Sales, but the sizes may not be what you need!
I'll be selling the rings for $10 (free shipping).
$3 or $4 from your purchase will go to the maker while the remaining $6 or $7 will go to Julyssa's party!

Pre-Orders will be shipped when I return, apx. 7.26.12.