i did not want to go to spain this summer.

i felt bad every time i told someone i was going and they said, "oh, i've always wanted to go to spain!" and inside i was thinking, please, friend, TAKE MY PLACE.

i did not want to go to spain this summer, and i found myself on a plane there anyway, routed through paris, which is only one of my favorite places in the world. in fact, it was on the plane about to take off from a runway in paris that i decided was a good time to argue with God about it. "why am i going to spain?" i asked Him. "what on earth do You want me doing there?"

i'm not sure whether He smiled indulgently or rolled His eyes sardonically at my questions. in any case, i went to spain, even if i didn't want to. i taught, even though i dislike it. i spoke, even when it scared me. i danced to "cupid shuffle" and "single ladies," even though i felt like a mad fool.

and in doing that, i built relationships, even though i was only going to be there for two weeks and wasn't sure if i'd ever see those people again. & i learned, more than in any other place i've ever been, that missions should be a natural overflow of whatever else you're doing, that missional living is really just, well, living. & i learned that in the course of that living, no lesson taught, no word spoken, no step to the "cupid shuffle," in the name of Jesus, will ever, ever be wasted.


Wow Annie. That last paragraph couldn't have said it better.  "Missional living is really just, well, living."  

If you don't know Annie, you should seriously go meet her.  She's the girl who blogs at What She Saw, with a heart for Jesus and for missions, a ton of humor, and the ability to be 100% real at all times. I'm so glad to have "met" her in this blogging community and am so grateful to her for taking a step of faith by sponsoring our mission trip to India as a Featured Ad Sponsor in the midst of wondering how she would pay for her own this summer!  

Annie, you're a fantastic sponsor and I'm going to miss your face on my blog!

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