Like I said yesterday, once the group left at the end of the first week in Mexico (hubs included), I stayed behind.  I had another group coming in a week later and decided to spend a little time in my favorite colonia in between with a friend.

During that time, I experienced what quite possible has been one of my Top 5 Days in Mexico:

::The Day we Took the Girls to the Market::
Every time I take a group to Mexico, we spend a half day at the Market.  This is the first time I've ever had the opportunity to go without a group and we decided to ask a few of the girls from la colonia to go with us!  These are my two :)
Tali & Marlen
  Aren't they precious!?  

The girls that we took to the Market had never been to one so large.  Tali and Marlen were turning their heads left and right, eyes wide, in amazement of all the things around them.  In fact, I think Marlen (the little one) must have said "Mira!" ("Look!) about a million times!

Josie, Laura, Marlen, Kendra, Tali, Emily, and Saira

While there, I told Marlen and Tali that I would buy them each two things and to really think about what they want because there was so much to choose from.  Shopping like that isn't something they get to experience often if ever.  (I might have ended up getting them each 4 things in the end... hah)

After shopping, we all sat down for lunch, where Marlen and Tali couldn't get over the size of their Coca's! haha They were loving it, even though they ended the meal holding their stomachs because they over-indulged a little bit! 
(Check out Marlen's head band she picked out! Cute right?)

The girls with all of their "stuff"

By far, the best part of all was when we arrived back home and I walked Tali and Marlen to their house.  I loved watching them give the things they picked out to their mom and sister, Andrea, who is handicapped, and then hearing them tell their mom all about their day.
All about the great food,
and all about their sore bellies!

Top 5 for sure.  Probably even Top 3.