Maybe you've noticed... maybe you haven't...

but lately, it's been all about Julyssa.

If you follow me on twitter, instagram, have bought an ad, or looked around my shop lately, that is.

I can GLADLY say that mine and Wade's efforts to raise funds for our upcoming mission trip to India have been a success and we are all set to go! Thank you Jesus!!

Now that's it's paid off, my attentions have turned to a new cause:

Julyssa's Quincenera!!!

If you don't already know, Julyssa was my first little friend in Mexico
I met her when she was just 9 years old.

That's her on the left, with her sister Katia to the right
cute right??
Now they look like this:

All grown up.

And in October, Wade and I get to travel to Mexico for a mini-vacay to celebrate this gorgeous girl's Quincenera!

What's a Quincenera, you ask?

Well, it's a big huge deal.
Think wedding, but without the groom and your big dress is hot pink, or purple, or aqua. Which ever you fancy.
It's a birthday celebration for a girl who turns 15.  There is a ceremony where they are giving items that signify the end of childhood and the beginning of adulthood, as well as items to be used in their future wedding.  And many times, a girl receives a purity ring to promise God her purity as she waits for marriage. 
Oh, and you get FIFTEEN cakes. 
Yes you read that right.

A Quincenera is a milestone in a girls life in Mexico.  
A right of passage, a coming of age.

And I want to help her make it happen!

That's where you come in, for the next few months, every penny earned from my shop or blog ads is going directly to helping fund her party.  (They ain't cheap, y'all)

To celebrate our paid trip to India and to make the transition to raising funds for her party, I'm offering all ad spaces for a newly reduced price!!  Go here to check it out.  I'd love to have you're beautiful face/blog name featured on my page and I'd really love for you to get involved with her life the way I am!  

Some of you have already bought rings and bags and even donated to help and I want to say a huge THANK YOU!! I can't wait to share photos after the party and show you all what you were a part of!

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