I know it's the hottest part of summer...
but let's sit down for a hot mocha anyways.

I feel like we're disconnected.
Or is it just me?

You see, the summer is crazy for me.

I'm either thinking about Mexico or being there.
It's kinda my job.
And as soon as I get back, I'm planning the next trip.

This is actually a year 'round thing for me, but with summer comes extra trips, vacations, and visitors... 
Heard enough excuses yet?

I've still been blogging.
Posting pictures mostly.

But I feel like our relationship is suffering.
I haven't been getting deep.
I haven't been sharing my heart.

And to be perfectly honest, I've not really had much to say!
How can I when there is so little time to think?

The #SheReadsTruth series couldn't have ended at a worse time for me.  My phone reminder every day helped me to stay in the Word, and without that little pop up, I've been slacking.  
*Alesha just told me about the Proverbs study going on right now. How did I miss this? Thank you Alesha!!

But don't get me wrong -- I've been having an amazing summer.
Lot's of fun :)

More than anything I wanted to say, hey.
You should know that I've still been reading your blogs.
My overwhelmed brain just isn't helping me to leave good, meaningful comments.
I'm more apt to commenting with a "cute" or "I love it!"
Lame. I know.
And if you're on twitter or instagram, I'm keeping up.  Sometimes I feel like I live on those networks.

For a person who used to think twitter was lame (before I actually had one), I sure spend a lot of time on there!

Basically, don't give up on me!

Love you
Mean it!

(anyone know how to make one of those fancy signatures, btw?)

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