Sometimes I feel guilty that I haven't posted anything of substance lately.  I've had a ton of photos to share since returning home from Mexico, and I in no way want this to just be a photo blog. But, this is what my life has been the last few weeks and this blog is a lifestyle blog right? So, if you feel like taking a ride down stream with me and my two closest friends in the whole world, 
hop on in!

After running into the bank a few times, learning how to actually work the paddles, and yes -- even canoeing backwards more than once, we finally got the hang of it. 

We're just floating along when all of the sudden, I hear Wade exclaim, "WHOA!"
I look ahead and what do I see?? Two VERY LARGE Black animals walking slowly through the water and onto the bank. 

At this point, I'm freaking out.  We are in Tennessee (Bear Country, ya know?) and I think the conversation went something like this:
Wade: Whoa!
Me: Omg omg omg it's a bear! Stop! I'm so scared! Holy Cow!

At that point, I'm puttin' on the brake with my oar and mentally preparing to start paddling up stream.
Meanwhile, Megan is shocked into silence.
And I'm taking photos in spite of my fear.

All of the sudden, Wade starts laughing.
I've heard of people reacting strangely to fear, but laughing in the face of a bear????

Well, not so much.
Because it turns out, it wasn't a bear.

Holy COW, indeed.

::I think we're getting too old for the jumping pics. We don't quite catch the "air" we used to::

::That would be a butterfly on my head. They were landing all over us!::

Megan has gone back home to Florida, but I had such a great time with her here :)
Love you Squirrel!

Maybe next week I'll have some deep, meaningful post for you all.
or maybe not ;)

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