It's the weekend which means it's time for my Weekly Blog Post Favs!!  Be sure to check out these awesome posts by my even awesomer sponsors!
"awesomer" is a word, right?

1. We're Really Not the Same Person {Rachel from The Random Writing of Rachel}
This post had me laughing the whole way through.  Read all about how Rachel and her sister get confused for one another and what Rachel named her outfit. Yes you heard me right, what she named it ;)

2. I Fasted! {Amy from Sweet Home Santa Barbara}
Wow Amy! This is two weeks in a row as a weekly fav ;) But I need this post!  I mean, how many times do I feel that pang of guilt when I whip out my phone on a date or find myself reaching for it at a traffic light.  I mean, what did I used to do in those moments?  It's important in this techy world to stay present. 

3. Followers -- The Numbers Game {Monkeys and Tutus: life with three under 3}
Amen sista.  I hear you.  Sometimes, if I lose a follower or go a few weeks without paid sponsors, I feel the same way... (no body likes me everybody hates me I'll just go eat mud)... no? never heard of that song?  haha annnnyyywayyyys..... While I welcome and love new readers who want to join in this journey with me, I'm in no way trying to beg, plead, or trick people into following me.  I want readers who want to read me!  :)  Great to know you feel the same :)

4. Simple Chic {Quick} Chocolate Pastries {Jelli at Jellibean Journals}
Can you say YUM? Cause oh em gee.  These things look delicious! Speaking of Jelli, she's just so happens to be my current Ultimate Sponsor (see below) and her month's almost up (sadness).  But that means that YOU could take her place!  A great placement opportunity!

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