You see, I've been living in a craft storm.
Ever been in one of those?
Well, if you have, you know how hectic and time consuming it can be.
And messy.
Soooooooo Messy.

What have I been crafting, you ask?
All this stuff for my sister's baby shower and MORE!
Plus, bags from my shop thanks to this girl, this girl, and this one too.
Aannnndd a little bit of stuff for the teachers at the local elementary school to celebrate their last day of their first week.  (As part of my job at my church, I work to organize things to do for the teachers at our adopted school. This week, people from my church have baked goodies and organized fruit/veggie trays which we will be delivering Friday morning)

I know I know, I should be taking photos to prove all of this work really happened.

Did I mention it's all totally worth it? Cause it is :)
I could be doing something really boring instead... like dishes... and laundry. 

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