I love to throw a party.
Let me be more specific...
I love to throw a shower!
Baby, Wedding, you name it.
I love it.

It's the perfect excuse to actually USE those pins on pinterest, am I right?

Last year, I used all the pink and girly ones for my sister's bridal shower.
Now, it's time for the blues!
My other sister is having a baby boy, which you might know from the time I posted these photos and wrote him a letter about how much I already love him!

So, since I have baby shower on the brain, I thought I'd show you what I'm working on, and what I'm aspiring to accomplish!

First things first, this is the invitation I designed. I'm a little obsessed.

And now, onto the inspo!

Maybe you've gathered, but I'm going for a "fishy" theme. His dad's a big time deep sea fisherman in his free time. So it fits perfectly! And those diaper envelops are what I've been working on this weekend for when I send out the invites! So cute, right?

Hopefully I can pull it off!

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