I'm back from Oregon!
That was fast, huh?  I literally left for Oregon on Tuesday and returned on Thursday.  
I spent one day in Oregon in between and this is what happened:

After a days worth of flying across the US, from Alabama to Oregon, my siblings-in-law and I went to the fair with my nieces.  I had some serious fair-time flash backs from childhood.  As we walked around, checking out the rides, I couldn't help but try to imagine what it must be like in the eyes of my four-year old niece, Deci.  I watched as she assessed and chose the rides that she preferred -- they usually involved heights, spinning, and more bravery than I knew a toddler could contain.  My favorite fair attractions as a child were always the fun houses and mirror mazes.  Deci favorited the ferris wheel, which she was tall enough to ride for the first time.  

What was your favorite thing about the fair as a child?

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