Whats up party people?
It's late. I'm kinda crazy when I'm sleepy.
Ok. It's not late. Its 9 o'clock.
I've got an old soul and it needs to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

I'm linking up once again with Ashley and her co-host, Sarah.
This month we're following this prompt and talking about how Blogging has changed us.

I should note that I recorded this earlier in the day while my hair was all done and I sat outside with a pretty background and good lighting, but I got distracted and nervous when my apartment neighbor went outside and I started saying all kinds of stuff that I don't even know what I was talking about.  I was all over the place. And I couldn't retake because I was already feeling awkward enough at that point!

So, take 2 happened late (9 o'clock is late, remember?) at night after my shower, in my poorly-lit, bare-walled bedroom while I should have been packing for my trip to Florida the next day.
ehh. I'll do it in the morning.
I'm last minute like that.

So, please enjoy the bad lighting, dripping hair, but totally honest me below.

Who the heck is Julyssa?

Some Notes:
(who doesn't have things they need to explain after one of these things?)

A. Apparently one of the biggest ways blogging has changed my life is that I obviously think that only people I don't know read my blog while when I first started, I wrote it for my friends and family. I didn't even know this world existed. I didn't know "strangers" read each others blogs. Hence why it took my blog a good 3 years to gain some readership (GFC style).

B. I answered the blessing question horribly. But honestly. I'm so awkward and there are just very few people (stranger people, blog people) who I feel I can reach out to without them thinking I'm a crazy lunatic person. I'm sure that's not true, because I love when other bloggers reach out to me.  I'm just anxious like that.

C. I don't think my explanations helped.

D. Sorry I kept making that "lip smacking" sound. That may bother some people. 

Good night!
Or Morning..
Or afternoon...
Kinda depends on when you're watching this.

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