I'm not sure. But kayaking and rafting in the same week?  Pretty new for me.
Pretty fun too.
Although, I feel I must be honest and admit that the full 24 hours pre-rafting, I was whining about how much I didn't want to go.  I was skeeerred. 
I've done it before a few times, same river, and I felt much like I do about flying:  the more I do it, the more I'm upping my chances of crashing -- or, in this case, falling out of the raft and getting trapped under a rock!
But I gotta say, this was my favorite rafting trip ever.  I think it had to do with my raft placement.  Every time, the guide has made me sit in the front -- where you basically get netty-potted to the extreme the entire time.  But this time, I showed my fear enough that the guide put me right in front of himself.  This was a plus because each time he thought I might fall out, I would feel him grab my jacket to ensure I stayed in the boat. Even when everyone in the entire raft except for me, the guide, and one other girl were airborn into the water on the first rapid!

And please, don't let my face fool you in this photo series:  I knew the camera guy was there; so, like a good blogger who knew where these photos would end up, I put on my bravest "I'm having the time of my life" face :)  But please, PLEASE check out my friend Mary who is sitting in front of me (she's in the center row).  I love love love her face in some of these haha. Pure fear. 

(I'm in the 3rd row, wearing the long sleeve black shirt, in front of the guy with the beard. My husband is the one in front)

Get read for the best "Holy Cow I'm freakin out" face ever! 

Oh Mary, thank you for that.  I love ya.  It is wrong that this image has made me laugh more times than I can count this week?  It's ingrained in my brain. You're the best :)

What did I tell ya?  A good blogger is always camera ready!

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