Earlier today... I didn't feel better.
I felt tired.
soooo tired.

This morning started off great with a trip to the local Elementary School where me and my hubby and another friend dropped of goodies for the teachers work rooms that people at my church had baked/bought to celebrate the end of their first week.
By the time we got to the second work room, a group of hungry teachers had already formed in the doorway!  
And I've since received 20-30 emails of thanks :)

Teachers are so great.
All you teacher friends of mine, I heart you.  You're so sweet. That's probably why you're teachers :)

After that, it all went down hill.
Fatigue set in.

It might have had something to do with that 14.5 mile kayaking trip I took on Wednesday. That was cray-cray.  Did I mention it was my first time?  And that I'm going White Water Rafting tomorrow??  Which terrifies me even though this will be my third time to do it?

Partner sleepiness and fear and you get me this afternoon.

My poor hubby tried everything he could think to pull me out of my fog but I just couldn't break free!
But lucky for me (and anyone else I come in contact with this evening) he finally did it.

Turns out, all it took was a living room floor nap and a Javaccino from my favorite coffee spot.
I feel like new!

Which is good because I've got Secret Church tonight.
Don't know what Secret Church is?

Well I can't tell ya! It's a SECRET! duh.


just kidding!
It's when small groups of believers gather together in homes to study scripture all night long.  The purpose is to reflect on and pray for Christians around the world who are forced to meet in secret to study God's word together and also to really dig into the Word, uninterrupted, for a long period of time in community with one another.  It lasts from 6-11 and then all of the groups meet up and an "undisclosed" location in secret to worship together.  It's always an incredible experience.  

Join me won't you?  Tonight, spend time praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ who's lives are threatened every time they open their Bibles or meet for prayer.  It's real. It's happening. We can't forget them.

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