You guys know how much Adoption is on my heart. If you don't read this, and this.
K. Now ya know. 

Early on in my legit blogging days (about the time I realized that strangers might actually read this thing and discovered link-ups and sponsoring) I started seeking out adoption blogs.  I wanted to hear their stories and learn from them.
Abby, from Akers of Love, was one of the very first adoption blogs I found and fell in love with. And I've been following her journey ever since.  Abby and her husband and their adorable little boy have just welcomed a new baby boy into their home and he sooooo cute!
Isn't it amazing how invested you can get into the life of a person whom you don't even know?
Well, Abby, consider me invested.

And since I learned at a very young age to share the things I love, I thought I'd let y'all get to know her too. 
I know, I'm nice like that.

Hi, my name is Abby and my humble internet abode is Akers of Love.  I blog to write our story...a story about the things I faith, my family, adoption, our sons' birth families and our every day life.  If I'm really loving a project or recipe, I'll share that with you too!  So come on over and take a peak.  I would love to "meet" you!

What are you still doing here? Get get GET on over there and tell her how cute her new baby boy is!!
Now, I'm off to Colorado with my hubby!

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