As promised, I'm here today to share tutorials and details from my sister's baby shower with you all! I focused mainly on the food and decor -- most of which was inspired by Pinterest.


>>>>>>>>>>>> The Dinnerware <<<<<<<<<<<<

| Ispiration and Tutorial: Studoio DIY | Bamboo Spoons: Birchware | Bamboo Forks: Birchware |

This was probably my favorite project! It was also the most time consuming.  I spent several hours one night hand-painting/color blocking these forks and spoons (and I only did 24 sets!) I chose colors that were several shades darker than most of the decor to off-set the light blues and greens and give the table a little "pop."

>>>>>>>>>>>> The Punch Table <<<<<<<<<<<<

I found this punch recipe on Pinterest and it was originally used for a duck themed party. I couldn't find the kool-aid it called for so I used a few "go" packets of blue Hawaiian punch instead! The color was so pretty and the taste was fantastic! For the jars, I dipped each one in lemon juice and then into a bowl of blue sugar crystals. Fill them with punch, add a cute paper straw, and viola! Guests went crazy over these! They were a big hit.

>>>>>>>>>> Frozen Yogurt-Berry Kabobs <<<<<<<<<<

This is a recipe that everyone should try! It's SO easy! 
What you will need: blueberries, vanilla non-fat yogurt, short kabob sticks.
Load your kabob sticks with blueberries, leaving a little space at the dull end. Roll in a plate of yogurt. Place on a sheet of wax paper and place in the freezer for an hour.
Remove and eat frozen!
Seriously, so good. I plan to keep some on hand from now on. It's a delicious snack and it's healthy! Hallelujah! 

>>>>>>>>> Under The Sea Marshmallow Pops <<<<<<<<<

So, I originally picked this desert option because it was cute and went along with our fishing themed shower -- but it turns out they were really tasty as well!  The only downside is that maybe people didn't know what they were so we were left with a few uneaten.  Basically, they are a smore.

How To: Push a marshmallow onto a white candy stick. Dip into/spread with melted blue chocolate. Dip into shallow bowl of crushed graham crackers. Press a goldfish into the side and create "bubbles" with pearl sprinkles. Set on wax paper and allow chocolate to firm up.

>>>>>>>>>>>> Other Recipes <<<<<<<<<<<<

Check back tomorrow as I plan to show you the DIY gifts I made for her!

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