In just a short 5 weeks (holy cannoli) I will be driving to Indianapolis for The Influence Conference!

If you don't know, Influence is a faith-based conference focusing on using your influence (in the social media world and in real life, obviously) to glorify Christ.  At the conference, I hope to learn how I can better my space on the internet to glorify God, spread awareness for missions and our specific ministry, and maybe even learn to use this place of ours to help fund missions more effectively.

Today I'm linking up with the other conference attendees to help us get past that awkward "I don't know anyone" phase. Whew!
If you are here from the Influence Conf link-up, welcome! I can't wait to meet you!!

OK... so maybe those aren't the most important things you should know... but they are three true things!  The most important things to me are my relationship with God, my husband, and being on the mission field.  In fact, I take teams on mission trips several times a year to places like Mexico, India, and here in the states. It's part of my job as the Missions Coordinator at my church. I'm also heavily involved in our Blessings in a Backpack program.  

I love missions so much that my husband and I are actually moving to Mexico to live as full-time missionaries next summer!  And I'm sooo excited!

I am so incredibly excited (and nervous.  Like Super Duper amounts of nervous) to meet the other Influence attendees!  Now I just need to nail down my stripes outfit for the Stripes Party.  Did I mention I'm not a stripes person?  See what I do for you people?? ;)

But really, like I said in the intro, one of the main reasons I decided to go to the conference was because I feel that God is going to teach me a lot on how to use my blog to help fund our ministry.  There are always needs in Mexico (where we currently go on mission about 5 times a year) and I can only imagine how much our knowledge of the need will increase once we've moved down there.  I'd love to incorporate this blog world into the ministry and use my space to spread awareness.

This was a tough one for me.  At first I thought "my bible" because that's the good Christian answer and I technically always have it on my phone -- which is what my answer should really be because I'm on it so much! But when it got down to it, I can (and sometimes do with intentionality) leave the phone behind.  I actually kind of hate it when it rings.  

But the one thing that gives me serious anxiety when forgotten at home is my engagement ring!  I don't normally wear the band, but I always have this lovely thing on my little left finger!  When I leave it at home, I'll often return for it.  If I don't, I constantly worry that somehow my apartment will catch fire and it will be gone forever. 

I realize it's just a "thing," but it represents so much to me.  Not only my covenant with God in my marriage, but the amount of time and care and work that my husband put into it while secretly creating it.  I cherish that so much.

Well, that's me in a very small, outlined nutshell!  I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little about me (or reading some of the same stuff over and over for you readers who are just stopping by from your feed and not from the influence link-up). 

If you're going to influence -- holy cow I can't wait even though I'm so nervous I could throw up!
If you're not -- I wish you were! It's not too late!
And while you're here, meet my influence roomies -- Julie, Alli, and Lisa!

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