After my "fashion" post this week,
 I thought it only fair to show you guys what most of the photos really looked like.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, lets move on to my favorite posts from this week, written by my amazing sponsors.
Shall we?

1. God's Word Brings Joy to the Heart and Light to the Eyes {Danise from Danise Jurado: Enjoy Life}
If you're looking for a blog to provide you daily spiritual insight or offer you a daily devotion of sorts, this blog won't let you down! I've only just met Danise myself, and already am challenged and encouraged by her wise words.

2. Introducing... {Abby from Akers of Love}
omgoodness! omgeeze! Abby's family has been blessed with a beautiful baby boy this week that they found out about the very day that he was born! Adoption is so beautiful. I look forward to the day I get to share a similar story!

3. Photographs & a Blessing {Brittany at These Happy Times}
wow wow wow. Click over to see this incredible photo at the very least.  Brittany shares with us a photo of the day her grandmother (as a young girl) was baptized in a river with a huge crowd of support.  It's overwhelmingly beautiful -- as are the words Brittany has on the subject.

4. 50 Cal 7 Carb Pumpkin Frap Heck Yes {Monkey's and Tutus}
Ok all of you Pumpkin Spice lovers!  Monkey's and Tutus has figured out a way to make your fav pumpkin frappecino from home and with a lot less calories! You're welcome.

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