Yes,  I just quoted a Brittany Spears song.
But in my defense, I am watching the XFactor right now, and she is by far the best judge this season.

What exactly did I do again?

Sweater: Similar // Pants: Target // Ballet Flats: Toms // Custom Made Arm Party: AdiesLovelies

I say, "kinda" because I don't consider myself very fashionable. I think I dress pretty normal. Usually when I get dressed, I think, ooh that looks comfy!  Hence, why I'm wearing the same pants I wore the last time I did a "fashion" post.  They're just so dang comfortable! I wish I had ten pairs so I could wear them every single day. Instead I just wear them over and over until their just too dirty *wink*

It's really more of a "what I'm wearing for fall" post.

But mostly, it's a " I-wanna-show-off-these awesome-bracelets-by-one-of-my-favorite-jewelry-designers-and-take-advantage-of-this-beautiful-sun " post.

Want a rockin' arm party for yourself? Well you're in luck because Morgan offers The Williams' Post readers a 10% discount (use coupon code MISSION).  And, if you mention "Kerrie's on a Mission" in the buyer's notes, she will give a percentage to our missions fund!  Isn't she amazing?

photos by my husband. I know. Can you believe it?

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