How's everyone's weekend?  I'm excited to share with you my three favorite posts from my amazing sponsors this week!  
Oh! And to show you the maternity photo I took of my sissy that I am obsessing over!

>>>>><<<<< Aren't they adorbs?? (Rachel, I know you hate when people abbreviate, but I kinda love it ;) >>>>>><<<<<

Take it away, gals!

1. Indian Summer {Julie at The Funny Thing of it Is}
I just LOVE when Julie writes posts/shares pictures of her celebrating her Native American heritage! The colors are so bright and the spirit is so alive!  Can I go next time? Pretty please? I think I'm like 1/16th (or is it 1/32nd?) Cherokee!

2. Without Love, We are Nothing {Chelsea from Taste and See}
Chelsea shares with us a gut-wrenching story of a beautiful young man, gone too soon.  His life is wonderful reminder to shift our focus from ourselves to others.

3. 50+ Storytelling Ideas {Trisha at Inspiration Laboratories}
Have kids? This is the post for you! Trisha shares a collection of unique storytelling ideas, allowing you to have intentional play with your child in new and fresh ways!

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