This day is like a breath of fresh air.

Yesterday was pretty stressful and emotional.  Long story short, the adoption opportunity that I mentioned the other day seems to have fallen through.  I am currently waiting to hear back from another contact I made through the whole thing about a completely separate avenue.

I've come to realize that most often, we can't see where God is taking us until we get there.
One thing's for sure, I've added two little-ones to my prayer list.

But today, today was a whole new world to me.
This quarantined girl was finally set free today.
And it couldn't have come at a better time.

To celebrate my newfound freedom, I did what anyone would do:
I went to Walmart!
ok ok.. I actually hate that place. But not today. Today I loved it.

And not only did I go to Walmart, I also went to the fabric store to give this no-sew pillow tutorial a whirl, the post office for stamps, payed the utility bill, and topped it all of with a stop at my favorite coffee shop for a Javaccino! All the while enjoying this beautiful weather with the windows down and worshiping along with Hillsong Live, as loudly as possible.

It's a strange feeling, the difference between yesterday and today.
But you know what is the same? God's love and provision.

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." - Hebrews 13:8

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