I'm showing seriously only a fraction of amazing

 moments from the 

Colorado wedding I shot a few weeks ago. 

And the handsome officiant just so happens to be my husband ;)

This wedding was so special as Robin and Blain "eloped," in a sense, 

to the beautiful mountain side for a special day to be celebrated, 

just the two of them, as they begin their journey of marriage. 

And it could not have been more perfect. I mean, they got married on

"See Forever"

trail for cryin' out loud!

This was my first wedding shoot and I'm truly so happy that I was a part of it. Luckily, my tear-filled eyes didn't affect my photography too much ;) It was beautiful -- the city, the couple -- every single thing! Congratulations Robin and Blain! You're a beautiful couple. Thanks for letting us tag along on your awesome Colorado adventure.

More Colorado pics to come in the future. There is just so much beauty to share!