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For the past few months, we have been raising funds for a very special birthday party called a Quinceneara for a beautiful and driven teenage girl living in Reynosa, Mexico.  This past weekend, we had that party.  Because of our sponsors, not only were we able to give a significant amount towards the event, but we were even able to use a large chunk to help purchase a laptop for her use for her work in beauty school. 

Starting this month, I'm dreaming big.  The goal I'm about to put out there is something that will take some time but that I know is possible. For the next couple of months, all Ad sales (as well as shop sales) are going to be used in effort to buy a used car for a family in need in that same village in Mexico. 

Friends, meet:

Maybe you noticed that they have SIX children! That's eight people in a family with no vehicle.  Not having a car isn't uncommon in this village in Mexico, but for this family it is a big problem.  As it stands, they are unable to afford bus fare for all eight members each time they go to the store (and I should mention that the bus is a good 30 minute walk away, if not more) and are forced to leave the older children -- ages 14 and 12 -- to watch the little ones when they have to go to town. If they had a car, they could keep their family together and relieve some of the responsibility and burden that is currently being placed on the older ones, who are still only children themselves. We are looking for something used but reliable that can handle the rough roads where they live.  A car will work fine since Mexico doesn't have strict rules about car seats or the amount of people to seats. 

At influence we were encouraged to dream big. So that's what I'm doing. I trust that God will provide something and feel confident that He is going to use you and me to be a part of it!  I'm excited to see what He does!  

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Ps. the winner of the Adie's Lovelies army party giveaway is: Joni