This weekend I had the much anticipated pleasure of attending Julissa's Quinceanera
I still can't believe my little 9 year old amiga from my first visit to the canal has become this beautiful woman starting her path to adulthood! 

Here are some instagram photos from our weekend to give you a sneak peek of how it went!

 >>>La Quinceneara<<<

1. Heading to Mexico
2. Waiting for our ride -- Wade says, "oh yeah, I rode all the girls around in high school"
3. The Canal!!
4. Saira
5. Paloma
6. Merlan and Tali with a baby photo I gave them from my first trip
7. Wade working on bunk beds for groups to come down
8. My girl, Tali!
9. "brinka brinka!"
10. Pumpkin carving
11. Quite possibly my future backyard :)
12. Check out that faced. They were pretty grossed out.

13. Thanks to all of you awesome supporters, we were able to not only give money for the party but were also able to put some towards a laptop for her work!! She was super teary :)
14. Party decor
15. La Quinceneara
16. Me and my birthday girl
17. The cake!

Again, thank you to everyone who donated or purchased ad space and/or any items from My Shop!! You are seriously amazing!