This day was one that I truly never considered to be a part of my life.
When I placed my foot on those dirt roads in the middle of a small squatter community in Mexico, I never imagined that -- six years later -- I'd be dancing on those same streets in celebration of the sweet little girl I would come to meet just a short while later.

I came upon Julissa as she sat outside her pallet-made house with the tarp roof. In my non-spanish speaking way, I gestured to her in an attempt to ask if she would like to color. And so we did.

We spent that week together, unable to verbally communicate... but finding we didn't really need words anyway.  All we needed was to share moments, hold hands, and let Christ communicate for us.

And much like we couldn't speak to each other with words we understood, I think these photos can speak for themselves as they tell the story of our friendship. My how it's grown over the years.  She is truly my family and I love her so much :)

please enjoy: Julissa's Quinceneara!

I've said it before and I'll say it again:
THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this party happen by donating or purchasing ad space, bags, or rings!  Your donations were used to buy the flowers, many of the decorations, and we were even able to use some to go towards a laptop for her to use for work!! Julissa had the time of her life and I cannot thank you enough for your generosity! 

Tune in tomorrow when I announce the next Mission project to where I'll be directing my ad/shop income!

Ps. Today is the last day to enter the Adie's Lovelies Arm Party giveaway!