A while back, I participated in a weekly link-up called Marriage Letters -- where bloggers wrote letters to their spouse or spouse-to-be, even if they hadn't met them yet.  I really loved using this space to write my husband. The linkup ended, but I want to bring back that part of my blog. So, starting today, I'm going to be writing love notes each Friday.  Most will probably be to my husband, but I imagine some will be written to God as well. 

Sometimes my letters may be serious and sappy, and other times they'll be fluffy and full of inside jokes. It will depend how I feel at the time. Having my husband read my letters to him each week in the past was one of my very favorite things and I'm excited to bring it back :)


Dear Hubs, Dubby, Marcos, Babe,
I call you a lot of things.  I think the nickname just depends on the occasion.  Right now we are apart, which means I miss you a lot lot lot. So, I'm thinking for this letter, I'm going to go full-out and call you Baby.  

Hey Baby,

We have traveled so much over the last few weeks: we went to Colorado for the wedding, I went to the Influence Conference, then we went to Mexico for Juli's party, and now I'm in Florida waiting for my little baby nephew to make his appearance!  And in just a few short days, you'll be joining me.  Oh yeah, and then we're off to Mexico again.  Whoa.  That's a lot of laundry and a LOT of living out of a suitcase!

Our life is so crazy and I seriously love it.  Sometimes I sit and try to imagine what our life will be like next year when we're living in Mexico full time.  Do you think we'll travel as much? I bet not.  That will be so strange! And also pretty wonderful.

Wow I am rambling a lot. Can you tell I miss you?  I kinda feel like I do when you first wake up after sleeping all day before working night shift and as soon as those eyeballs open I start rattling off my day -- from start to finish.  Thanks for listening to all of that :) I'm sure you totally care what I ate for breakfast and lunch, or what sarcastic thing I came up with to say to my co-workers when they started picking on me. In fact, I'd bet you were anxiously awaiting me waking you up just so I could tell you all of that.  

Wow. You.Are.One.Lucky.Dog. 
(I'm 99.9% sure I got that saying from my mom)

I know I can be quite the talker, so it really makes my heart melt when you tell me that you love that about me.  I love that you love that about me :)

I just wanted to say thank you for last week. You remember, when we were sleeping in Mexico where it's 100Million degrees and you were hot because you start sweating if it gets above 70? (you poor poor thing!)

I had a headache and you let me lay my head on your shoulder, even though that probably only made you sweat even more.
It might not have seemed like much, but I'm telling you I felt like 90% better after that. 
It was like a hot little Mexico miracle.  

As I laid there thinking about your sacrifice of comfort, I made a mental note that that night was on my Top-10-Favorite-Moments-of-All-Time list.  You should know that.  

I love you baby. 
I miss you. 
See you soon :)

You're Girl