I think I've retitled this post about 20 times.
I'm not even 100% sure what I want to say with this story, except that I just want to tell it.
I want to remember it.
To document it.

This week I got a new piece of Julissa's story.
One I knew she had, but we'd never discussed.
This week, I met Julissa's birthfather.
I watched as Julissa walked, arm-in-arm, with this man I didn't know.
I knew that the dad I've known all these years wasn't her father from birth, but that he had been her acting father for most of her life.
They never mentioned another father, and I never asked.

I knew nothing of their relationship, or if they even had one.
But as I watched them dance as father and daughter, they told their story.
The pain was evident, and so was the restoration.

This photo brings tears to my eyes even now. 
To know my sweet little friend has this pain in her heart breaks mine in return.

But this is only part of Juli's story.

It was healing to see the love she also shares with her step-dad -- the dad I know.
Julissa beamed as her other daddy spoke blessings over her life.
To see her seated at his feet, loving looking into her daddy's eyes, dressed like a princess -- the daughter of a king -- I was reminded of how we will sit at the feet of our Father King one day as he speaks blessings over our lives as well.
She was simply enamored.

I'm sure there are words to tell this story far better than mine, but these are all I have.
This week, I got a new piece of my sweet friend Julissa.
My desire to speak fluent Spanish has never been stronger. 
One day, I hope to be able to share things this close to the heart without the help of a translator.
Oh, how I look forward to that day!