Happy Wednesday everyone!  A lot of people at Influence asked me who made my jewelry this weekend, and I'm so happy to tell you all about her! I think I own about 482,710,928,471 pieces from this girl.  
Reason #1: the prices are outta this world. Reason #2: umm hello, they are soooo cute and unique Reason #3: the gal who makes them is seriously so sweet and I feel like we're great friends -- the kind who hang out and laugh over coffee or maybe some good Mexican food (hey Morgan, do you even like mexican food?)
Ok.  Now I think it's time for you to meet this lovely who makes all the lovelies, lovely!

hey y’all! i’m morgan.

i blog over at momma to binks&bubble
& create over at adie’s lovelies

i cannot tell you how thrilled i am to be here today!
i know we can all agree how amazingly wonderful kerrie is – & gorgeous to boot!
from the moment i found her blog i’ve been hooked.
she is a true inspiration.
i cannot wait to meet her for real one of these days!!

a little about me:
my days are generally spent playing dress-up, kissing ‘boo-boos’, building towers, racing cars, coloring, making/cleaning up messes & answering to the name ‘mom’ roughly 1,367 times each day.

it’s the best job going.

when i do get some ‘me’ time i tend to spend it right here on-line reading my favorite blogs and/or venting bragging sharing about my days. & i try to hand-craft a few new lovelies each week to add to the shop. on some occasions i get to do both simultaneously .. usually that ‘lovelie’ doesn’t make it into the shop.

sometimes – okay, all the time - i feel like i’m still a little girl making friendship bracelets & playing with my friends. i just don’t get allowance for my chores anymore. i’m truly blessed to be a stay at home mom of two seriously awesome kids (zachary & adilyn) & my husband – well, let me just say – i’m one lucky girl. we met when we were 13 & started dating when we were 14 .. i think that’s the main reason we still feel like kids – other than the grown-up responsibilities - we’ve really never grown up. now i get to ‘play house’ with my three favorite people every day for the rest of my life :)

now that you know a little about me – i guess i should tell you a little more about my shop.

adie’s lovelies is technically my second shop .. the first shop i opened just never felt right so one day i scrapped it & started over – i’m so glad that i did. adie’s lovelies is full of hand-crafted jewelry & accessories. my favorite orders are the custom ones – it’s the best feeling to make something that i know is personal & unique just for you. you can read more about adie’s here.

oh! & check out kerrie rocking some lovelies here & here :)

since you stuck it out all the way to the end of this post
i have a special giveaway to say thank you!

one winner will get their very own
adie’s lovelies arm party!
(light pink)(mint)
(burnt orange)(deep red)(light blue)(teal)(pink)(yellow)

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