The past few weekends have been so much fun.  Two weekends ago I spent the day at Recovery by the Lake -- our annual event celebrating recovery from hurts, habits, and hangups (namely, chemical dependency).  Meth is a huge issue in our county, and Celebrate Recovery is a program we have at our church to help those in the recovery process, celebrating clean time and life change. During the event, I ran a booth for Blessings in a Backpack, a program I love and am very involved in. I also helped lead worship at the end of the event with our church band. This is the third year I've gotten to do this and I just love it!

Then this past weekend, I helped run the most amazing life-sized Angry Bird's booth for our local Harvest Festival. It was free for anyone who wanted to play, which shocked most people. Our goal was to show love to our community, not bait and switch them.  No strings attached, they could play. And trust me, it was ADDICTIVE!

And NOW I'm headed off to Indianapolis for the weekend to attend the Influence Conference!  Oh, and it doesn't end there! No no no!  Let me just give you a little glimpse of my future:

Oct 11 - 14 | Influence Conference | Indianapolis, IN
Oct 17 - 21 | Julyssa's Quinceanera | Reynosa, Mexico
Oct 24 - Nov 6 | My nephew, Baby Landon's arrival | Jacksonville, FL
Nov 9 - 17 | Fall Mission Trip | Reynosa, Mexico

Upon returning from the IC, I turn around and leave for Mexico to celebrate Julyssa's Quinceanera (yes, the one many of you helped fund by purchasing bags or ad space!).  After that, I go straight to Florida for the birth of my first nephew!! I'll be there two weeks then go back to Mexico for our fall mission trip! That's FIVE weekends away from home people! CRAZINESS. But I'm excited about all of it.  So hopefully I will find time to blog about it all as it's happening so I don't get waaaay behind.

Ready, Set, GO!