Wowza! I have so many new sponsors and that makes me super excited! Because that means that others are getting involved and being missionaries with us in our current cause!!  This makes me so happy :)

You know what else makes me so happy?
This Guy!
...who I am seriously missing while I'm in Florida! Good thing I have this photo to stare and drool look at  all day from time to time. Love you babe!

Now on to my weekend favs!

1. Becoming a Circle Maker {Kerry from My Life - His Mission}
Not only are we name twins (which is totally sweet by the way) but this girl and I also share a huge passion for missions. AND she has adopted, which makes her a super hero in my book.  This week, Kerry shares her conviction on praying continually for the same thing... something I certainly struggle with. It's so easy to give up or say, "what's the point".  But God honors our prayers and, even when He says no, has so much to teach us through the process. 

2. The Time I Found My Spin Art Soul Mate {Jennifer at Delightfully Noted}
If you are a product of the 80s (or maybe even early 90s) you are going to have some serious childhood flashbacks with this one.  It's all about the love of spin art (remember that??) and how Jennifer came to find someone who actually had a HUGE spin art machine! And they made her a seriously awesome shirt! Now I'm hoping that this friend of hers will open up a tshirt shop so I can have one too! Ahh... the good 'ol days.

3. Things I Love Thursday {Cait Emma of Linen & Leaves}
I look forward to these posts each week.  They are easy to read and always have something that makes me laugh or start shaking my head in agreement. And that "chip" cup?? I WANT!

4. To Those of You Who are Waiting {L from All Glorious Within}
Much like my marriage letters/love notes I write here on the blog, L shares how she used to journal to her husband, but before they met! I love this idea and think it is so sweet. I also think it could be really intimidating to have such faith in God to bring that person into your life and then to actually give it to them when He does!  Go see what she's got to say about it.  Oh, and there might still be a free gift in it for ya. You'll have to check it out to see what I'm talkin' about ;)