Is it weird that I just wished myself a happy birthday?
Eh, oh well.
I also make myself birthday cakes.
No big thing.

I've been referring to myself as practically 30 for about a year now, so this birthday doesn't really feel like any big milestone. I'm actually looking forward to 30. Maybe then I'll actually feel like an adult.

I mean, it's bound to happen eventually! I did get called "some lady" by a girl at the coffee shop and "Mrs. Williams" by one of Wade's co-workers. And I think he even worked in the word, "ma'am".

Just twist the knife, little guy. (He's like 22.)

I'm still in Florida hangin' out with my handsome nephew (photo shoot sneak-peak coming Thursday!). Wade has gone back to 'Bama, so I won't be spending my birthday with him this year.  But that's ok, because I can just spend the day melting over these sweet words he sent me:

 "You are everything that is beautiful and right in the world"

How can one girl be this blessed?