Dear Marcos,

It's amazing every single time we get to spend time together in Mexico. It still amazes me to look back six years ago and see how God orchestrated our meeting one another in that little village, and how He continually brings us back, several times a year. 

Watching the love you share with Marlen and Tali melts my heart.  They love you so much, too.  I'm telling you, there is nothing more attractive than a man serving the Lord, and that's something you are always doing.  How I ever did enough to be blessed with you is beyond me!

I also love how everyone in Mexico calls you by your first name.  No one else does that, and it's so funny to me how easily I transition into calling you Marcos when we are there. I don't even think about it!

Wish I had a cool Mexico name ;)

Te Qiero Mucho!
Tu Esposa


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