I don't know about you, but I'm a little "ticky' about gift wrapping.  I love to get creative not only with what's inside the gift, but how it looks on the outside as well!
Even though I know it's just going to be ripped to shreds, I love to see it sitting under my tree. I love to hand it to that special someone and see that I put some serious time in to the presentation.

I've been using Dollar Tree craft paper for years now, choosing hemp or something earthy for the ribbon... but this year, I decided to go the extra mile and stamp my own pattern on it.

And I loooooove how it turned out!

|Paper: Dollar Tree|
|Stamp & Paint: Hobby Lobby|

It started out kinda rough, but I can now tell you (through my many mistakes) how to do it yourself very easily!

Like I said, I bought the brown paper at the local Dollar Tree. I now, $1!! I bought 4 :) And I only use a little over one of them. What a deal!

I planned to use the stamp like you're supposed to and purchased some white stamp ink.
Well, that didn't work out.
You seriously couldn't even see where I'd tried it out.

So, I improvised.

Luckily, I had some red and white paint.

I wrapped the gift first.
Then, with a sponge brush, I brushed the stamp with the white and made my pattern (being sure to leave spots for the red). Once I finished, I washed it off easily with water and a paper towel and did the same thing with the red. It dried quickly and I left them bare (no ribbon.)
I did add ribbon to the smaller ones that weren't square. I also stamped the paper for the smaller gifts prior to wrapping them since there wasn't a smooth surface.

I feel like this is such a no-brainer but I wanted to save everyone from running into the same stamp ink problem that I did!

This year, change it up! Let your creativity shine, even in the temporary :)