In just one week I'll be double checking my passport.
In just one week, I'll be loading up my bags.
In just one week, I'll be driving to Atlanta, then flying to New Jersey.
In just one week, I'll be boarding a plane for India.

In just one week.

In just one week, I  might be meeting a woman.
In just one week, I'll tell her about a man.
In just one week, I'll tell her his name is Jesus.
And in just one week, she might finally understand.

In just one week.

In just one week, I'll surely be tried.
In just one week, I'll be tested too.
In just one week, my spirit will be at war.
In just one week, His glory will be made new.

In just one week.

In just one week, I ask that you'll be praying.
In just one week, maybe you will.
In just one week, I'll hear from Him each morning.
In just one week, it will be one week till...

Till I hope to come home smiling!
Till I come back shouting His name!
Till I share that though His glory,
so many lives have been changed!

In just one week.

Friends, in one week we will be leaving for India to do nothing else but share the truth of Jesus. So often, I go on mission trips where there is a service project in focus.  We use these things to create an environment to share Christ with the people we start building relationships with. This time, there is none of that.

I'm reminded of the disciples when Jesus told them to go out and share the good news. That is what they did. Boldly, flat out, and honest.  

And to be perfectly clear, it's nerve-wracking.
Not just the talking, or the meeting (both of which are things that cause me anxiety in general), but the incredible responsibility that God has laid out for us. He has called us to tell of Him.  He doesn't need us, as He is perfectly capable of making himself known, but He chooses to use us, even in our complete and utter imperfection.

So, my request is this:
Pray for me.
Pray for Wade.
Pray for the team.

Pray that nothing will be about us. Pray that we will constantly be seeking and listening for His direction. Pray for discernment and pray that we remember that all we're really doing is telling others what Jesus has done in our lives, which is something that really isn't all that difficult afterall.  
It's just truth. 

Pray that the truth is heard, that lives are changed 
(both theirs and ours) 
and that Christ's name is made known.