2012 started off like most would, with resolutions. Resolutions that I didn't keep, I should mention. The new year also brought with it the start of something new here at The Williams' Post: sponsorships!  The swappy kind. It's incredible to see where God has taken this blog over the past year. Other events of note: God's continual call to adopt, my big sister's bridal shower, adding the blog tagline: Life on a Mission, learning the value of a picture, homeless ministry, and my first ever blogger gift exchange with the amazing Michelle!

The month of love came filled with highs and lows. It was in this month that we learned about my infertility. Though this, God has taught me so much about realizing God's promises and His great love for me. It was also during this time that He shut the door on a house I really wanted.  Looking back, it's so incredibly obvious to me how God was using this time to prepare us for where He is taking us still.  Other events of note: the first installment of The Girl Behind the Blog linkup (blog life-changer), hosting my first giveaway, starting a linkup called "Tuesday Challenge" which later became known as "Life on a Mission" for bloggers to link up posts on how they were serving God (I miss that linkup). And who could leave off the day my husband became an official wedding minister  and the opening of my shop, Missionary Kerrie's (currently on vacation).

March, the Irish month of luck, was certainly a lucky one for my sister who got married! I'd go so far to say that it was the most fun and relaxed wedding I've ever attended. Plus, Wade was the officiate! Other events of note: Wade's first time skiing, the girls trip to Mexico, opening up paid sponsorships to raise funds for India (hello, this Thursday!!), and seeing my art through someone else's eyes.

The spring brought with it so many opportunities to serve others in the name of Jesus. Missional events of note: walking through three cities in prayer for those in the bondage of addiction, strolling around town with a man-sized bunny (yes, this really happened), sharing my testimony on this blog (part one, part two), watching my husband help those in the community, helping a little boy give up his birthday gifts to help those in need, joining a movement to restore sight to the blind, and taking a medical team to Mexico to run a free clinic.

Always one of my favorite months, May is the home of both our anniversary and my husband's birthday. So much worth celebrating! We kept it local this anniversary (our third) by spending the day in Atlanta, visiting both the zoo and catching a play. Oh yes, and eatting Brazilian food. Lots of it. There were a few lovey-dovey posts this month: like the time Wade wrote his very own post while I was on a cruise with my family, and my response to him, and the photo that says it all.

June was such a normal month with such an abnormal conclusion. As I look back, it's a melting pot of every-day experiences. Sometimes, those are the best of times. The down-time often allows for reflection and God's voice to be heard. And boy did we hear it when He told us to move to Mexico to live as full time missionaries! Other events of note: discovering Redneck Beach and Cranberry Brie Turkey Burgers, calling out my insecurities for what they really are, and a kitchen DIY project.

July was a month of preparation. We travelled to both the Bayou & Mexico, soaking up lots of family time and building another home for a family in Mexico. But the month brought more than trips, it brought a sense of looking forward to what was to come: like my sister's maternity shoot and my efforts to raise funds for Julissa's Quincenera.

Oh August how I loved you!  You brought visitors, both in the form of our sweet nieces in Oregon and my bestie in Florida :) Other events of note: small town music fests, coffee dates, trips to Oregon, breaking in to my own home, white water rafting, and being confronted by the Holy Spirit.

This was a full and crazy month! Between going to Florida to throw my sister a baby shower, my first fashion post (what was I thinking?), contracting shingles for cryin out loud, being contacted about adopting and then watching it fall apart, witnessing the horrific death of a fish, posting my second fashion post (seriously, will I ever learn?), and taking off to Colorado where Wade officiated his second wedding, you could say we did a lot!

And if you think September was fun, well you haven't met October yet!  The month held so many of this year's favorite memories: helping lead worship at Recovery by the Lake, The Influence Conference where I finally met so many of my favorite bloggers, Julissa's Quinceneara, and on October's final day: the birth of my first nephew!  ((Pictured: From Awkward to Art, Momma's Me Time, and Life on Leroy))

This year, my birthday month gave me such amazing gifts. For one, I got to spend some quality time with my sweet Landon. For another, I got to return, once again to Mexico -- a trip of which I made my first ever video using video editing. I could watch that thing a million times. I should also probably mention that I entered my last year of my twenties.

And finally, the year closed out with an abundance of quality time with my husband.  After 4 years, we finally celebrated our first Christmas together where Wade didn't have to work. It was the most magical and ordinary day. I spent the season creating a personalized Holiday Gift Guide, DIY gifting & wrapping, learning what it is God requires of us, and preparing for our coming trip to India.

God has been so good to us, as He always is.  At times, His leading is difficult and can be confusing, but when we look back our lives, we can clearly see His purpose.  My prayer is for another year of growth, together, in Him.

God bless you guys!
Happy New Year