If you're anything like me, figuring out what to get your husband as a gift, especially on Valentines day, is a challenge. Girls are so easy -- chocolate, flowers, jewelry -- no problem.  But guys?? They don't want that stuff! (well, maybe the chocolate).

I'll never forget mine and Wade's first valentines day. It was just two months after we met.  Talk about nerve-wracking!  I remember I spent the entire evening prior making candy and treats and wrapped them up in boxes (you can see I went with chocolate out of the three lady-gifts) and bought him a picture frame with our picture in it.

He got me an ipod.

He wins.

Since then I've pretty much stuck with my "from the heart/handmade/personal" gift lineup.  The few times I tried to buy him and actual gift, I knew nothing about it and ended up choosing a bo-bo brand or something that ended up being pretty lame. Although, the time I got him cigars was a big win. (His brother helped me pick it out).

This year, with our upcoming move and crazy travels, Valentines has barely entered my mind.
Thank goodness for the incredible Kristen for giving me the perfect idea to make sure Wade knows how much I love him in this busy season of transition.

Enter: Vignettes Paperie's 2013 Valentine Kit

The Valentine Kit includes:
  • An insert to place into a 5×7 picture frame (frame not included) to create a Dry-Erase Message Board to leave little notes for each other all year ’round!
  • Dry-erase marker
  • Eraser
  • 2 oz Massage Oil (100% Sweet Almond Oil w/ Vitamin E (fairly fragrance free…you can scent it with essential oils if you wish)
  • Original Hershey Chocolate Bar with a cute saying attached
  • Two Sweetheart Cinnamon Tea Bags attached to 7 Love Questions to discuss with your man (you know, some “tea and talk”)
  • Homemade BBQ Rub Tin
  • 5 Love Note Cards and Envelopes
...                                                                           ...
I'm not even kidding about how cute this kit is. The questions are fun (#1 is a doozy) and the items are good quality and very adorably made. I'm already looking forward to some good barbecue chicken. What a man's meal.  Kristin really put thought into what your guy would appreciate. And the notes are a great way to leave sweet messages (maybe even hide them around the house for him to find.) 

Want one for yourself? With Valentine's Day rapidly approaching, you should consider one of Kristen's kits, which she will try to personalize with a favorite color, pattern (stripes/plaid/polkadot/houndstooth/etc.), or if he is into sports, loves to BBQ, etc. and she will try her best to find a pattern that is a good match!

Purchase your own kit HERE.

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% mine. I only support products that I would use myself and that I consider to be of good quality and worth. I also want to emphasize that I only recommend this gift if you are married! Catch my drift?