We're back from India!
It's so bittersweet.
Of course we are happy to be home and see our friends and family, to share the stories of what God has done, to have a hot shower, sleep in a soft bed, and eating something, anything, besides rice!
But as you can imagine, we miss the people we met there. We miss the quiet uninterrupted.

Right now, it is about 6:30am in India. Here in Alabama, it's 6pm. You might not be surprised to know that my mind is a bit scattered. I'm just trying to stay awake until a reasonable hour (I'm thinking 8pm.)

God did so many amazing things and really changed pieces of me that needed refining.  I can't wait to share all that He has done and all that He let us be a part of on the other side of the world. So check back, and get ready to see lots of photos of some seriously beautiful people, and hopefully you will get just a glimpse of what I experienced this past few weeks.

Thank you to everyone who remembered us and prayed for us while we were gone. One of the many things God taught me was the power of prayers. They hold amazing power.