I've got a few weeks worth of post topics to share here on India. All will contain photos and many will share my journal entries
 -- all in hope that you, too, will get to experience this amazing experience with me.

So much went through my mind on the long journey to India.  If I hadn't journaled it all, it would likely be lost to me now.  My memory is excellent like that.
Looking back, I'm reminded at how inadequate I felt as we arrived in India. Following are excerpts from my journal on our first night in New Delhi before getting on yet another plane to travel to Siliguri. 

Day 1
New Delhi

"Lord, we've arrived in India and I'm suddenly faced with my lack of preparation. We've been asked to prepare something to share and I'm at a loss. I feel it would be wrong to "wing it". It's different than when I'll be sharing the truth of what You've done in my life. What do I say or share when I'm in a gathering of believers? Would you please give me a Word?"

"All I want is to be what You want of me.
Am I? Surely not. But am I close?  Even a little?"

"Remind me God. Always chase me.
I know Satan will attack me. He surely is even now.
Help me see his attacks clearly.
Guard me, Father.
Ready me in this hour."

 Day 2
In flight

"We are in flight from New Delhi to Bagdagra. One of the other missionaries has a manuscript of stories from the ministry we will work with this week. He has let me borrow it and read the transcripts and I am just amazed at how God works. Their faith allows God to do so much. My prayer is that I will find that amount of faith for myself. It's there, it's just that I'm not required to use it like they are. I face no persecution.

Lord, change me each day. Open my eyes again.
In Your name, I ask that I stop letting Satan blind me.

This week, when I'm faced with a situation that requires great, unwavering faith, I pray You will find it so in me."

Okay, so I went back and forth about sharing this as a post because, well, you might find it kind of boring.  But I thought it was important to share how Satan was attacking my worth on our way to India.  Over and over I heard, "you've got nothing to share." "what can these people, who have greater faith that you, learn from a spoiled American who's biggest persecution was being told she isn't tolerant?"

You always hear the saying, "Satan attacks when he doesn't like what you're doing!"  And I'm ashamed to say that I don't feel Satan attack me all that often.  But boy did he try and mess with my head on the way to India.

If you're ever chasing after God and you start to feel unworthy, remember that God thought you worth enough to give up His one son so that He could have a relationship with YOU.  You have much worth. God CAN use you. And He wants to.

Day 2 Continued
Grace Children's Home in Siliguri

"Lord, as I look to your Word now, speak to my heart.

'You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all those whose thoughts are fixed on you. 
Trust in the Lord always, for the Lord God is the eternal rock.'
-- from Isaiah 26:"

The rest of these posts will have more photos of actual people from India, promise :)

Again, to everyone who prayed for us, you helped more than you will ever know. God bless you so much!