By "chance", our team had to make the switch from staying in a hotel to staying at the orphanage, both at the beginning of the week and a few nights at the end, to save money because of rising flight costs.  I say "chance" in quotations because I know better than to accredit this amazing blessing to chance. This was 100% a blessing from God.  I wouldn't trade our time at the orphanage for 100 hot showers.

I've visited orphanages in both Mexico and Jamaica, and I gotta tell you: I've never been to an orphanage like this. These children are so lucky. This place is a home. They are a family.

I was so inspired by this family that I started to day dream about Wade and I doing something similar one day (crazier things have happened!) and I know that if we ever do, I want to create a home like this one.  The children are so loved and happy.

Y'all, there is so much.  I have a ton of video to share as well and I'm still trying to catch up on my jet lag.

I'm totally slacking around here. Poor Wade hasn't eaten a home cooked meal since we left India (Thursday night here in the US). I finally mustered up the energy to go to the grocery store after work today, but was way too tired after getting home to actually do anything with the food I bought!  Maybe tomorrow ;)

I just hope I'm doing these posts justice. I hope you're seeing it. I hope you're inspired, moved, encouraged!  I hope that these faces make you want to go -- to get out and meet God's people -- to love and hug and play and most importantly share the love of Jesus!