On our first night in Siliguri, after spending the day at the orphanage and settling in, the group took a trip into town to walk through the market.
  It's wild. To say the least.

::One of the many stores selling Hindu idols::

::And to prove JUST how crazy this city and it's traffic are, I've got a lil' video clip for ya::

::yeah. told ya::

Visiting Siliguri by night, while crazy, is actually really fun.  Yeah, you're dodging cars, bikes, rickshaws, people, and cows(!) the whole time, but that's part of the experience! *wink*

One of our team members is the District Attorney for our county and he personally noted dozens of things he said he would prosecute for back in the USA! (It didn't help when a family of 4, including a baby and toddler, all helmet-less, came zipping by on a motorcycle).

Have you ever been to a city this intense?  Taking in India this way is like drinking from a fire hydrant.
Picture it.
Like that.

And I'd go back a million times over :)