Happy 3 Month's Day Landon!
Seriously, does it get any more precious?
I definitely enjoyed my first day in Florida keeping my nephew. 
Who wouldn't?

And hey, what'ya know?
He DOES let me take the time to blog.

So, with that said: On with the India posts!


While we were in India, we were able to spend one morning visiting Darjeeling. This was purely for tourism's sake. We bought a few different souvenirs, picked up some Darjeeling Tea leaves, and of course snapped some photos of the bustling, mountainside town.

Wade loves the Nepali war hat he found. He wore it the whole day (despite the strange looks).
Maybe I'm biased because I think he's totally hot, but I actually like it on him ;)
It makes him look so foreign.
And I should also note that he did, in fact, wear this hat to church after we returned to the US :)  I wore some "ali-baba" pants that I found as well, but I don't have a photo here.
Maybe one of these days I'll do a Northern Indian Fashion post, Yes?

And ya know, one thing I learned over and over again while I was in India is how lazy I can be.  These people are so hard-working, as you'll see in the next photos.

That bamboo ladder? Yeah, they BUILT that while we were there. Threw it together -- and then walked up it carrying bowls of CEMENT on their HEADS.  I saw very elderly men and women doing this. I was amazed.  Everywhere you look, in the cities or mountainous villages, people of all ages were using baskets strapped to their foreheads to carry anything from tea leaves to cinder blocks.  I even saw I guy carrying a full sized dresser on this back using a strap around his forehead. Unbelievable.

To this, my friend Kasey said, "I'm never going to complain again."
I started to jump right in, in agreement, and said, "Me either! Well, actually, I probably will. But I wish that I wouldn't!"
I mean, lets be real people. I complain. And I'm sure they do too, but I never heard it.  I can't imagine what they poor bodies must feel like at the end of the day.

I'll leave the post with a photo of our team.  It deserves to be noted that in this photo, none of us has showered in... I honestly can't even count the days. Let's just say, it had been a while.  In the entire 12 days, I only showered 3 times. They first was upon arrival, one of those times was with a bucket, and one was at the airport on the way home.  
Yes, the airport. 
It cost me $20. (that's 1,000 rupies.)

Smell ya later!