It's hard to believe that it's been three years since I first set foot in India.
And two years since we tried to go again, but God said no.
Sometimes, God's will is hard to understand.
But now, here we are again, striving to always say "yes" to God and leaving the rest up to Him.

This Thursday, we will *God willing* board a plane for India once again.
We will eat lots of rice and see beautiful places.
But more importantly, we will have the incredible opportunity of quite possibly introducing Jesus to someone who has never before heard His name.

This past weekend, my team (minus my husband who had to work and two others who don't live close by) spent what was quite possibly the coldest day of the year (!) here hiking up to a beautiful outdoor chapel to share, prepare, and pray.  To be really honest, Satan has already started attacking. It's so sneaky and subtle that it's almost easy to miss. But he attacks in the moments when I feel the anxiety rising. When I hear whispers of impossibility, of him telling me the world is too far gone, how will they ever believe something so different than they have ever heard when you're only going for such a short time?

But God says, in His word, that His word never fails.
"The Lord was with Samuel (a prophet)... and He let none of his words fall to the ground." 1 Samuel 3:19
"The grass withers, the flower fades, But the word of our God stands forever." Isaiah 40:8

I am counting on His promises. Trusting that He will use what I am willing to give. I want to give it all, in spite of my flesh that wars against me, clinging on to this temporal world and all it's "comforts."

I read this quote in a devotional the other day and it struck me as such truth:
"Many Christians are so busy defending their own end zone (i.e.: praying to hold on to this life we know and feel comfortable with) that they forget the joy of scoring touchdowns."

I think the thing is that we love the gifts He's given us so much that we don't want chance letting them go to experience what He still has in store. It's a warring within us; and only Christ can be the victor.

You're prayers are truly coveted in this endeavor. I really truly need them. The battle inside will only get harder to fight as we get nearer to God's purpose for this trip. So here's what I ask: if you will commit to praying for me, for us: set a daily reminder in your phone. We need your prayers every day! Starting now! There will be twelve and a half hour time difference from you, so if you wake in the middle of the night to pray, pray for the work God is having us do in that moment. If you pray in the middle of your day, pray that God will give us good rest and prepare us for what comes in the morning.

I love you guys and am so thankful for this incredibly supportive community.