My brain is a jumble!
Kinda suddenly, we're moving.
Not to Mexico... not yet.  (still coming this summer! Woot!)
But to another town close by.

I haven't mentioned it here, cause I don't like to be all negativ-o on the blog, but our neighbors? -- bleh.

As I said to a friend recently, "I know you're supposed to love your neighbors, but mine make it really hard!"

Like, throwing-footballs-at-our-cars, tossing-dirty-diapers-and-full-coffee-filters-and-UNDERWEAR-over-our-fence, covering-my-jeep-in-crushed-beer-cans... stuff like that. All because we called the landlord after the football incident.

Yeah. They're peaches.

And not going anywhere.
So we are.

On an upside, this is the first time we will live in a house (not an apartment) as a married couple!

So, while I'm going to TRY and continue my India posts, there's a smidge of a chance that it's not gonna happen this week.
We shall see.
Over and out!