Right now, I'm soaking up some much needed time with my very best (guy) friend (I put that in for you, Megan) -- my friend, love, husband, and valentine :) Love you so much Wade.

Since we won't be in the same state on Valentines, and since he's visiting me in Florida this weekend, we are celebrating early.
So, Happy Valentines Everyone!

To my readers, or anyone who ever stops by this little space of mine, I sure love you all too!  I have gotten some really amazing emails and comments about India and our mission, but unfortunately I'm unable to repond to all of them.

In case you don't know, I reply to comments via email.
Some bloggers are what the blog world calls, "no-reply bloggers."
And that's cool. It means I can't email you when you comment. I could reply here, but I doubt you'll see it unless you purposefully came back to check.

Basically, if you've never received a reply from me after commenting on my blog, this is probably you!

So, for those of you who I couldn't say thank you to, I want to do so now.

...from the post, "Touching the Untouchables"

peacebeme said...

Beautiful points about the meaning of pain. I have an inflammatory nerve disorder that causes both physical pain and mental anguish, and I have often thought about the possibility that God allowed this to happen to me to show me all of the things I have learned from it. I feel like I accepted that in the past, but now I am in a bad spot again with my health, and I need to remember those lessons and keep pushing forward. Thank you for that today!
goldengirls said...
You guys are too funny! This post made my day! I enjoy sharing them with my 15 yo daughter as she has an interest in missions so she enjoys reading also. Will continue to follow you to see the adventures The Lord lays out for you!
... from the post, "Weekend Marriage Letters."
ayyalli said...
I am so content in my singleness now, but I fear that there is not a man out there that will be supportive of the life the Lord is leading me in. Whether God provides marriage for me or not-- I can trust him! Seeing your selfless marriage with Wade helps me physically see Jesus revealing that to me.
Thankful for your obedience!
Love, Allison D.
(ok, Allison I know you IRL so I technically can respond to your beautiful face, I just loved your comment and wanted you to know. Love it and YOU!)

Basically, there have been several times when I wanted to reply to a reader in an email and couldn't because they don't have an email address associated with their comment. This used to be me and I had no idea! So, if you are a no-reply blogger and want to change that, check out this post on how to do just that. If you don't want to change it, I just wanted to take the time to say I hear you, and I appreciate you.

You guys bless me so much. I just thought you should know :)

On a side note, after 10 years of dye-free hair, I went and got my herr highlighted! It's subtle, which is what I wanted, and I think it looks super natural. It's actually really similar to my hair in the summers, but with a little more depth.

Admittedly, the "before" shot doesn't really show how dark my hair was getting. The lighting in the salon bathroom was a bit auburn, reflecting off my hair that way. But I think you can still see the difference, right? You really can when you compare to the first photo in this post. That was just a few weeks ago in India.

I really love it. I told Wade (and the hair colorist) that I felt like I looked on the outside like I feel on the inside. 
The colorist thought that was so great.
Wade said I sounded like a transvestite.
I mean, he makes a point.
I'm just always shocked when I see a photo and my hair looks really dark. It lightens in the summer and darkens in the winter, but I grew up blond and in my mind's eye, I still was. And now I am! A least a little bit ;)