FOUR DAYS. 4!! Only four more days until you're back in Florida, and only six till you go back home, with me in tow. I know it must have been pretty lonely for you at home, in an empty house, working, sleeping, eating (out), repeat.

I've definitely loved your daily facebook updates:

"Day 18 of Kerrie being in Florida and me fending for myself: I've yet to dirty a dish since she has been gone. This is the definition of success."

"Day 19: I'm not sure if there is a pile of laundry or a giant monster in the corner of my bedroom. I'm hoping it's a monster...."

Looks like I have a LOT of fun things to look forward to. i.e.: cooking and cleaning. ;)

I've been working on Wendy's baby shower all weekend, which you know is a blast and a half for me. You're probably shaking your head thinking back to the other times I've spread all my craft junk treasures around the living room floor and spent hours on bunting. All the while wearing a smile. I can't help it! I know it sounds crazy, but it's so fun to watch something you've thought up in your brain come together before your eyes!

Anyways, I'm 50/50 about the picture I chose for this letter. On on hand, I LOVE it. Because I think it's so sweet and I really miss you so it makes me happy. On the other hand, the tripod isn't so good at making sure we're the ones in focus.  And it's kinda driving me crazy. Small problems. ;)

But I do love the quote. It makes me feel mid-century. Or maybe like a pirate. Both awesome options in my opinion. 

This letter was pretty random, but as you know, that's usually how my conversations with you go.  I'm so thankful that you're the best listener ever, that you don't mind that I basically pour my thoughts out in words to you -- no matter how trivial -- and that you actually seem to enjoy it.  Everytime I get talking and talking and talking, I stop and appologize for talking your ear off. And every time, you reply with: "Don't stop! I love it!"

I love YOU.
You're the best in my life. (err, except Jesus.)

You're Girl.