It's been far too long since I've done a marriage letter here on the blog.
I think in the last few I did, I said I was going to bring it back permanently.

One thing I've learned about myself since the Influence Conference >>> I am not a scheduled blogger.
I just am not the regimented type when it comes to this space.

But this really is one of my favorite things to blog about, and I feel like God called me to use this space both to spread the love of living for Him in missions, but also in life. And for me, my life is a married one.

I gotta start by saying, you are some kinda guy.  To have your wife leave the state for one month to spend time with her nephew and not ever say anything negative or selfish about it... well, let's just say, if the tables were turned, I'd have been be a little bit a lot bit mopey and "woe is me" about it.

You've always respected my independent nature (which has become way more dependent since meeting you) and never asked me not to do something that called us both to sacrifice -- not even when we were dating and I told you I was going to go live in Africa for a year and I didn't want you asking me to stay.

You never did. And I'll never forget that. And even when the doors for that started slamming in my face, you were so encouraging. You sought out a way for me to go and God used you to show me that He knows what's best for me.

My biggest fear in dating/getting married was that I would let a person get in the way of my calling from God. Little did I know that you really can have both. If anything, you've enhanced His calling on my life. I literally strained to imagine how I could both serve as a missionary for God and be married, how I could love enough in both, how I could be present enough in both, but I couldn't ever have imagined it would be like this.

It makes me glad, once again, that God knows what He's doing and that He doesn't take pointers from ME.
We both know this world would be in pitiful shape if He did!

So here it is, a few weeks in to my stay in Florida, and you're coming for your first visit. I'm so excited for some quality time with you, to eat good food, explore new places, and you know how excited I get about staying in hotel rooms! >> thanks for loving me in spite of that, btw ;) <<

*I just gotta add that little Lanny is snoring like a full-sized man sitting next to me right now. 
I can't wait till you get here on Saturday and get to see this kid for yourself. You're going to LOVE him.*

See you soon!