I saw this over at Vol.25 (I seriously love her photoshop overlays. So fun) and thought, ya know what? Why not? I'm not going to do a full blown blog post about each day's "task" but thought it might be fun to add them to the bottom of my daily posts. Who knows, maybe some of them will turn into daily posts. And maybe you'll learn a lil more about me in the process.

So, since I didn't plan on posting today, here's a solo post on the prompt.

March 1: Self Portrait & 5 random facts about yourself.

One. I've recently (like 5 days ago) started actively trying to live a healthier life. This includes cooking at home, using healthy -mostly non-processed - ingredients, and an hour of RushFit or 2 miles of cardio with 30 minutes of RushFit 6 days a week. I've already lost 2 lbs. (For those interested, I'm tracking with the free Noom App for android. Also, we purchased the workout program on Cyber Monday for half the cost.)
Two. When Wade & I moved a month ago, it was into a house smaller than our old apartment and I LOVE IT. Seriously love it. The washer only holds 4 towels at a time. But I still love it. It's actually proven to be much easier to do a few things in a load at a time each day rather than piling up and being so overwhelmed.
Three. I get the hiccups every.single.day. And boy are they violent! Ouch.
Four. I started sleeping with a Humidifier last night and I'm amazed at how un-chapped (is that a word?) my lips are. You see, I have really dry skin. It all started when I was a kid and made fun of a girl with eczema. I'm not even kidding. The Lord sure whooped me good. Ok maybe not, but for some reason, that memory is burned into my brain. I don't remember who she was; if I did I would apologize! If you're reading this (doubtful) I'm soooo sorry!
Five. I re-read books and re-watch seasons of tv shows. It drives Wade crazy. I've read the Harry Potter series twice and the Twilight series three times. Oh, and Hunger Games 2 or 3 times. Also, it appears I enjoy teen fiction. As far as tv shows go, I re-watch Lost, Friends, and Grey's Anatomy. I won't mention how many times each >> mostly because I've lost count.

Did any of these things surprise you?